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Intro to STEM Wizard
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Congratulations On Another Successful Science Fair!
We know it’s a labor of love, but we also know how trying and stressful it can be. Running a Science Fair from start to finish takes a lot of time and effort that a science fair wouldn’t seem possible without. The truth is that it doesn’t have to be this hard!

STEM Wizard is a program that helps you spend less time with paperwork and more time focusing on what is important: science! Our unique software was specially designed to attend to every need of a Science Fair; built on a deep understanding of the best practices that was gained by working with fairs across more than 7 states over the last 4 years. Learn more!

See what STEM Wizard can do:

  • Your registration process – online! Customizable online registration for students, judges, and volunteers.
  • Document upload from anywhere – students can upload projects and files through their computer or using our iOS and Android apps.
  • Maximize communication with integrated messaging – use text or email to provide updates and feedback to all involved.
  • Self-service for students and judges – participants can access the status for each step at any time.
Watch this short video and see how STEM Wizard has helped some of our long-term clients.

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