STEM Wizard Science Fair Management
Software Handles It All!

The current reality means virtual competitions are becoming the norm, which may well continue after COVID is a memory.  STEMWizard saves time and money by eliminating logistical and travel expenses such as transportation and lodging, plus virtual contests mean that any class time that is lost is kept to a minimum.

STEMWizard keeps you on track with a convenient dashboard for managing milestones, progress reports, and deadlines:

Student Registration

You cannot win if you don’t play. Students can quickly sign up and upload any materials that are required.

Judge Assignments

It’s easy to manage judges by their availability, subject preferences, and levels of expertise.

Form Central

Virtual paperwork, consolidated in a single location for ease of management and action.


Track scoring by category, participant, and class or school. All reports are easily downloadable.

Unlimited Categories

Select from the dozens that are pre-loaded or customize as you like.