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Intro to STEM Wizard
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Now you can manage your Science Fair using only ONE simple tool!
STEM Wizard is an online management tool for science fairs around the globe that guides students through the development process while greatly reducing administrative overhead. Our regional and state-level customers have reported a 50-75% reduction in the time spent on the organizational efforts surrounding their science fair. Learn more!

See what STEM Wizard can do:

  • Easily-customized student and judge registration setup - quickly add questions with at no additional cost!
  • Students can submit electronic copies of their ISEF and other required files via their computer or using our iOS and Android apps
  • Easily provide feedback to students, their parents, and their teachers via our integrated messaging system
  • Reduced number of phone calls - Students and parents have access 24/7 to their status
  • From initial registrations to day-of-fair awards scripts, STEM Wizard simplifies and streamlines your science fair!
Watch this short video and see how STEM Wizard has helped some of our long-term clients.

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