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3 Steps to Minimize Science Fair Headaches
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I’m Patrick Becka, Product Manager for STEM Wizard and the Director of Product Management for GlowTouch Technologies.

Four years ago, GlowTouch created STEM Wizard, an online tool for managing and simplifying science fairs like yours. We know from our own personal experience managing science fairs that they’re a labor of love but also a massive, time-consuming hassle. We created STEM Wizard to save administrators and teachers hundreds of hours while freeing up time to focus on what really matters: science! 

I’ll be at the ISEF Conference in LA from May 15 – 18 to provide live demos of STEM Wizard and show you how we can quickly help you set up your science fair. We have served 
over 10,000 students and thousands of judges and volunteers.

Just a few benefits of the software include:
  • Cutting science fair administration time in half
  • Document upload from anywhere — students can upload projects and files through their computer or using our iOS and Android apps.
  • Making payment and registration easy for everyone
  • Quickly getting everyone on the same page with centralized notifications and updates
  • Managing judges and volunteers more effectively and efficiently

These are just a few ways STEM Wizard can help you manage your science fair. I’d be happy to show you how it works with a FREE DEMO at ISEF.

Sign up for a FREE DEMO  or learn more about STEM Wizard .

Thank you, 

Patrick Becka
Director of Product Development, GlowTouch Technologies
(502) 410-1732 


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