Impact of Co-Curricular Activities on School Achievement

Impact of Co-Curricular Activities on School Achievement

Ever since I was in elementary school, I have always been a part of co-curricular activities. In elementary school, I was a part of the Future Problem Solving Club and the Math Written Assessment Club. In middle school, I was part of the Science Olympiad Club and the Problem Solving club. And in high school, I was a part of the National Honors Society, Future Business Leaders of America Club, and DECA. I really enjoyed being a part of all of these clubs and they really had an impact on my school experience.

Being a part of co-curricular activities are really the best thing you can do for yourself. Going into a new school, whether it is elementary, middle, or high school, can be really daunting. You start off not knowing anyone and you don’t know which people have the same interests as you and which people don’t. That’s why co-curricular activities can really help you meet people that have the same passions as you. By making friends that have the same interest as you, you’ll become a more productive and responsible person. According to Anita Gurian and Alice Pope, both of whom have a PhD, “Longitudinal studies show that children entering first grade have better school attitudes if they already have friends and are successful in keeping old friends as well as in making new ones. Similarly teens who have friends experience fewer psychological problems than friendless teens when school changes or transitions occur.” This is why joining co-curricular activities and making new friends can help you greatly in school.

On top of that there are many other studies done that show how just by joining co-curricular activities, you have a better chance of being successful. According to Claire Martin, Superintendent at Chilton Public Schools, there are countless studies that state that students who join co curricular activities have better grades, increase the chance of attending college, are less likely to drop out of school, have higher educational dreams, and are more satisfied with schools and teachers.

On top of the social and academic benefits, being a part of a co-curricular activity can really enhance your resume. This can help you get a job and greatly increase your chances of getting into the college of your choice. Being a leader in one of these co-curricular activities increases your chances even more.

Try to be a member of a few co-curricular activities that really interest you. The benefits are there even if you don’t realize it. Don’t be that one person who doesn’t join any co-curricular activities. They are a lot of fun and meeting people that have the same interest as you really makes the work worthwhile.


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Raghav is a freshman at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign studying Computer Science. He graduated from duPont Manual High School in Louisville, KY and had been an active member in many clubs such as the Future Business Leaders of America and the National Honors Society. Raghav also did science fairs every year from 6th through 11th grade.